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Message of the Assembly of Bishops
Pilgrimage to the Holy Land
21-30 December, 2016 - Winter Mission Trip
Let Us Pray ...

Let us pray as one family in Christ
for our children and parents

Every Monday at 7PM 

St. Andrew Memorial Church,
South Bound Brook, NJ


Молимось разом, як єдина Христова родина
за наших дітей та їхніх батьків

Кожного понеділка о 19:00

Церква-пам'ятник св. Андрія Первозванного,
Савт Бавнд Брук, Н. Дж.

Documents of the Holy Council
Pastoral Reflections
A Powerful Transformation - 10/08/16

Today the reading is telling us about Our Lord standing by the Lake of Genesaret, and while He was standing there at a distance there were men washing their fishing nets. Jesus entered into one of the ships which belonged to Simon Peter, and He asked Simon to go out away from the shore and He began to use the ship as a pulpit in order to teach the bystanders. After the Lord had finished teaching the people he told Peter to take the ship out into the deep water and to let down the nets. Peter retorted and said that he was fishing all night and had caught nothing. Nevertheless Simon Peter did as he was told and he and the others on the ship caught a multitude of fish and their nets began to break as they were pulling them in.

Protection of the Mother of God - 10/08/16

Early one morning, two sisters were getting ready for school, as one sister walked out of her room with one pillow on her back and one pillow on her chest. Her sister asked, “why do you have pillows on you?” “Well,” she said, “the pillow on my chest is to protect from all the boys that will break my heart. And the pillow on my back is to protect me from all the friends that will stab me in the back."

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